Human in the loop, by choreographer Nicole Seiler, is a piece in which human dancers execute a choreography created live by AI. It questions the power relationships between the performers and a digital choreographer.


In machine learning, human in the loop is used in the sense of humans aiding the computer in making the correct decisions in building a model (Wikipedia). Human in the loop aims to achieve what neither a human being nor a machine can achieve on their own. (Levity)

For this project, we developed a tailor-made interface, using several artificial intelligence systems, as well as specially designed algorithms to generate the show’s content and drive it in real time.


Conception and choreography: Nicole Seiler. Dance (creation) & artistic collaboration: Clara Delorme, Gabriel Obergfell. Computer programming & artistic collaboration: Tammara Leites. Artistic collaboration: Nicolas Zlatoff. Music: Stéphane Vecchione. Sound engineer: Clive Jenkins. Lighting, technical direction: Jérôme Vernez. Costumes: Ana Carina Romero Astorga. Administration: Léonore Friedli: Léonore Friedli. Diffusion: Ana Lagarrigue.