La Machine à tubes, an art installation by musician My Name is Fuzzy, allies AI and pop music to deliver custom-made songs for the audience, questioning our relationship to personalisation algorithms as well as the artist’s freedom and identity. This project was exhibited for the first time in Switzerland in 2023.


For this project, we developed the interface enabling the user to create a new song. To do this, we orchestrated the interaction between different AI models (text and video) and custom algorithms (musical composition).

Take your token, insert it into the machine and choose the type of song you’d like to have: fast or slow, bossa nova or pop, melancholy or happy, and discover a hit composed especially for you!


Conception & artistic direction: Bastien Bron. Programming & AI: Tammara Leites. Programming & technical development: Harold Weber. Music theory & programing: Cédric Liardet. Outside eye & video documentation: Laetitia Gauchat. Production: L’Association des Amis Flous. With the help of: La Case à Chocs, Neuchâtel.