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Reload Foundation focuses its efforts in raising awareness about organ donation in Switzerland. Transmii developed Reload’s branding, graphic design and an interactive campaign. A msg from the heart is the interactive awareness campaign created by Transmii Studio for Reload Foundation, made possible thanks to valuable collaborations with implicated, talented artists, designers, and personalities from the Swiss and international scene who joined efforts to change a harsh reality

Reload campaign

The campaign has been conceived to reach people in relevant locations, where they have time to engage in the experience, hospital waiting rooms for instance. The INFINITY terminals designed by Claudio Colucci feature Cardi, the heart, in a battle against the clock to save his life, or at least,  his remaining organs. The heart is the charismatic organ automatically associated with feelings and emotions, with sincerity, with authenticity. He is the ideal representative to convey a message needing to elicit people’s reflection and depth.