Smart Alec is a speculative design project, aimed to raise awareness about the carbon footprint produced by binge-watching. It was conceived as a project for the Master in Media Design at HEAD –Geneva.

Smart Alec is a smart way of consuming shows and films, a conscious way of activating non-renewable-energy-powered leisure services through an app. It is an easy way to start making a difference, without it having a huge impact on your personal life.

It’s that simple to be irritatingly smart!


As you go through your day, your mobile phone or smart watch keeps track of your tracks. It registers your physical activity: biking, walking, going up and dow tairs.


Connect the Smart Alec app, it will auto­matically collect the health data from your phone or watch.


Smart Alec will automatically grant you time-controlled access to your chosen en­tertainment service. If you do not have enough leisure time, borrow it from the community pool. If, on the other hand, you have some left at the end of your session, donate it and make someone happy.


If you do not feel like watching anything and con­tinue to enjoy your relationship with nature, donate your leisure time so that somebody else who might not be able to generate any can benefit from it.