40 Degrees of Separation represented the creation of a concept for Swissnex’s SXSW17 party in Austin, Texas, as well as the development of the accompanying app and installation. When traveling from Texas to Switzerland on a map, the angle formed by a horizontal guide and a straight line made in order to have the shortest possible distance is 40 degrees. Using this measure as a reference, the two cultures are represented by dual images which need two different standpoints to be discovered (lenticular images banners). Each one of these images acts as an augmented reality marker. 


From different viewpoints, people can experience seeing each other in front of a Texan or Swiss background. As a person moves from one viewing point to the other, the background behind them shifts from Switzerland to Texas. Both backgrounds act as AR markers, showing traditional Texan or Swiss 3D representations of iconic cultural elements next to the person when scanned with the dedicated app.